On Sunday, the City of Albany Office of the Mayor announced the start of a snow emergency for this upcoming week.

The emergency takes effect Monday at 8 p.m., at which time the city says all regular parking rules and regulations will be temporarily suspended. From Monday, all vehicles "must" be parked on the even numbered side of the street for a total of 24 hours, the press release said. 

On Tuesday at 8 p.m., all vehicles "must" be parked on the odd numbered side of the street for the following 24-hour period. 

"If you are parked on the wrong side of the street during the snow emergency, your vehicle will be ticketed and may be towed. After the second 24-hour period, please stay tuned for further announcements," the press release said.  

Below are the provided contacts residents might need during the emergency, listed in the release:


  • For general snow inquiries call the Department of General Services at 518-434-CITY (2489).
  • To report power outages and determine area repair schedules, call National Grid at 800-642-4272.
  • In an emergency, call 911.


As well, during the snow emergency, the city says they have made additional parking available throughout the area. Those parking spaces are listed below:

Arbor Hill/Sheridan Hollow

1.         Parking area adjoining Arbor Hill Softball Field (North Lark St.)

2.         230 Colonie St. (playground lot)

3.         178 Colonie St. (playground lot)

4.         Ten Broeck Mansion (parking lot & sidewalk west end)

5.          Quackenbush Garage (please see note regarding limited availability)


Pine Hills

1.         Ridgefield Park (enter on Partridge St.)

2.         Woodlawn Park Little League

3.         Westland Hills/Waterson Park (enter on Colvin Ave.)

4.         Washington Park (all roadways and parking areas)


South End

1.         Krank Park Area

2.         Franklin St. (between Schuyler St. & Bassett St. – east side)

3.         Lincoln Park (all interior roadways & parking area)


Center Square/Mansion

1.         77 Philip St. (playground)

2.         88 Philip St. (playground)


North Albany

1.         North Second St. & North Third St. (above Pearl St.)

2.         Parking area across from North Albany American Legion Post


West End

1.         Bleecker Stadium (parking area & roadways)

2.         North side of Livingston Ave. parking lot (opposite Judson St.)


The city also asks for residents to be aware of what they are terming "conflict streets." 

"Signs have been installed on streets throughout the city that have both odd and even numbered addresses, or no addresses at all, indicating what side of the street is even and what side is odd for purposes of snow emergencies. Please take notice of these signs when moving your vehicle during the Snow Emergency," the release said.

For those who hold a Zone C residential parking permit, the city has you covered as well. During the snow emergency and 24 hours following, those with this permit are able to park, at no cost, in the Quackenbush Garage (Orange Street between Broadway and Water Street). The Ten Broeck Triangle, Clinton Avenue, N. Hawk Street, Hall Place), levels 4, 5, and 6 are available for parking at the garage.

"To utilize the free parking within the Quackenbush Garage, the resident must take a ticket upon entering the garage. When exiting, the resident must go to customer service where they must confirm their last name and plate number. Only one ticket will be validated per plate number and last name," the release said.

In case your vehicle does get towed, the city says to call the Albany Police Department’s non-emergency line at 518-438-4000, for information on how to get your vehicle.

Snow emergency brochures, detailing all Snow Emergency procedures, can be picked up at any City firehouse, police station, City Hall, or branches of the Albany Public Library, or can be found online