The Child Victims Act is expected to be a priority this legislative session. Now, advocates are speaking out ahead of the Governor's State of the State and Budget address.

Many have been waiting more than a decade for the legislation to be passed. "The New York Progressive Action Network" and "the Fighting for Children PAC" are asking for it to be addressed within 30 days.

If passed, child sexual abuse survivors would have a longer statute of limitations to bring charges against their abusers. They would also have a look back window, allowing current survivors outside the statute of limitations the ability to have their day in court.

“For too long advocates came up to Albany from January to June and went home disappointed,” said Gary Greenberg of Fighting for Children PAC. “And they had to beg. We had to beg. So we don't have to beg anymore.

Governor Cuomo has named the Child Victims Act a priority, and it is expected he will discuss the bill during his address Tuesday.