The first sizable snow fall of the season has arrived and with that comes an influx of business for a wide range of local companies. 

One mechanic who’s been servicing this influx for decades welcomes the rush, while asking for a little bit of patience. 

“This is the long journey; [it's] how I get my exercise,” joked Howard Daigle as he showed the short walk between his home and the auto repair shop. 

The season’s first significant snowfall is upon many in the area and Daigle is in preparation mode.

“Usually [tires and batteries] are the worst around this time of year towards Thanksgiving. So right now we’re really getting ready for it and it’s coming in,” said Tyler Miorin, one of Daigle’s mechanics.

Before the inclement weather arrives, the service requests pour in. After 35 years in the auto industry, Daigle says the demand is to be expected. 

“I try to plan it out perfectly through the week so we don’t have to rush,” said Frank Perry, another one of the mechanics at Daigle’s. 

As winter arrives, Daigle says he’s just getting warmed up, but at age 66 he’s as fired up to fix cars as ever. 

“If I could continue that [into] my senior years, as long as God keeps me going, I’ll keep going," said Daigle.