Statistics have shown incidents of fire tend to increase after September.

As part of a preventive measure, fire officials, police officers and code enforcers went door-to-door to educate people about fire safety in the late fall season.

“It’s the time when heat kicks on; not only are we concerned about fires, we're concerned about carbon monoxide,” said Joe Gregory, chief of the fire department.

First responders also held fire safety walkthroughs for students on Tuesday — with renters and homeowners in attendance. 

“Get out of the building right away, close the door behind you; that helps contain a fire,” said Gregory.  

Part of the lesson showed attendees how to locate visible code violations such as exposed wires.

Richard LaJoy, the Director of Buildings & Regulatory Compliance, said it was routine for his inspectors to walk the neighborhood.

But with the holiday season just around the corner, Gregory said his worries have only heightened. 

“We're very concerned with the overloading of outlets with Christmas trees and Christmas lights. We ask people to check their outlets and around their furnaces,” said Gregory.

He also advised to check smoke detectors or to change the batteries about once a month.