This Veterans Day, a local roofing company stepped up — quite literally — to help a vet in Ballston Spa.

Next Generation Roofing employees climbed up the home of veteran Ted Williams on Sunday to fix his roof.

Williams just finished eight years of service in the Navy, where he worked on submarines.

Now, back home in Ballston Spa, Williams recently called Next Generation Roofing to get his leaky and old roof replaced.

The Navy veteran could only afford to fix half the roof, until he got the good news.

"I was calling these guys and they were going to the roof and I gotten a bill from them called and said, ‘How we gonna do the payment?’ and they actually said, 'Surprise, we're gonna do it for free cause it's Veterans Day,’ and I was floored by it — it’s amazing," said Williams.

Next Generation Roofing's owner says he's not a veteran himself, but to him, that makes it that much more important to help out those who have served.