The Center for Law and Justice is calling for a special prosecutor to investigate a police-involved shooting that left a man paralyzed.

In a letter to District Attorney David Soares, Executive Director Alice Green says there is conflicting evidence in the case of Ellazar Williams, who was shot while being pursued by Albany police on August 20. 

Since then, the police department released its findings in the case, clearing the detective involved of any wrongdoing. They say Williams was shot after re-arming himself with a large knife. Green claims surveillance video shows Williams running away from officers when he was struck.

The letter requests an outside prosecutor takes on the case. Green cites a potential conflict of interest with the Albany County District Attorney's office.

“The community wants to learn the truth. They want a fair and objective investigation, and don’t think its possible with the DA doing both, so we suggest that the district attorney's Office recuse itself and that a special prosecutor be brought in," said Green.

Green says the next step is getting Governor Andrew Cuomo involved if the DA doesn't recuse himself.

Spectrum News has reached out to the Albany Police Department, but has yet to receive a response. The Albany County DA's office says it has received the letter from the Center for Law and Justice and are reviewing the matter, but adds it doesn't comment on ongoing investigations.