Education for kids in one Troy community got a boost today as Head Start and the Troy Housing Authority teamed up to launch two new classrooms. 

The new locations are in the Griswold Heights development, where Head Start said has been a challenging location for children to commute from. Many of the kids have to take more than one bus and the roads can get tough in the winter.

As a solution, they are bringing the classes to the kids.

One of the new classrooms is going to be part of the Troy City School District's Universal Pre-K program; meaning kids will start learning material similar to what they will be taught when they go to Kindergarten.

"It also gives an opportunity for the parents to be involved in the children's classrooms, to potentially be employed in the classrooms [and] volunteer in the classrooms," said Katherine Maciol, president of the Commision on Economic Opportunity.

It is hoped that the new classrooms will help to raise attendance rates for Head Start programs in the Troy community.