Call it an early Christmas present or a Halloween treat: For this World War II veteran, it was simply the ride of a lifetime.

After working alongside the U.S. forces in the early 20th Century, 91-year-old George Fink got another taste of the action — it was a moment he might never forget. 

"It's like riding on a bulldozer," said Fink, as he steered the Army tank in the Sunny Hill Resort & Golf Course in Greenville on Wednesday.

The idea started when the Grand Rehabilitation and Nursing at Barnwell asked residents what they wished to cross off their bucket list. Fink said up until now, the closest he came to a tank was delivering them on the back of his truck while in service. 

"I give Barnwell all the credit in the world for setting this thing up. [They gave] me my best wish that I [wished] I could do, before I passed away," said Fink.

He enlisted in the Army when he was just 18 years old. The veteran served overseas in Germany, transporting broken tanks. Though he saw the tanks, most of the time they were used at the front lines where he seldom ever was. 

"I didn't know anyone was crazy enough to let me borrow one!" he exclaimed.

The experience was shared with Fink's friend Ben Santos. 

"You could hear him saying, 'Why are we going so slow, let's go faster!' I could see his smile through the window. He was beaming the whole time," said Santos.

It was a heartwarming moment for those who made it happen — the re-enactors called it very rewarding.

"George is not a talker, but if he talks about anything, this is going to be one of it for a while," added Santos.