It's been one week since the deadly limo crash that claimed the lives of 20 people in the town of Schoharie.

Mourning for those victims of course continues, but so does celebration of their lives.

A dodgeball tournament at Sportsplex of Halfmoon Saturday honored the memory of Patrick Cushing. Cushing was an avid, even elite, player of the game -- even starring with Team USA at the World Championship at Madison Square Garden.

His head coach in that tournament, along with other teammates, all drove from Missouri to attend services for Cushing Friday. They, along with other participants at the tribute tournament, call playing dodgeball a way to keep their friend's spirit alive.

"To have our family, the dodgeball family here, to be able to pay our respects to ‘Cush's’ family and friends outside of this dodgeball world, was a great show of respect, and just tells you how much of a wonderful person he was, that he incited the passion of friendship that you see here," said A.J Fox, Cushing’s head coach.

His former coach says even though he only saw Cushing a couple times a year, he still felt very close to him.