Safety concerns come to the surface as talks begin over the relocation for the Albany County Board of Elections.

Soon, it may have a new permanent home, where the DMV currently sits on Pearl Street. The new location doesn't sit well with, Republican commissioner Rachel Bledi.

"There is actually a real problem with rising crime in the city of albany. You'd have to be hiding under a rock to know that this is a very real concern," says the commissioner.

Bledi says that area's just not safe for workers and seniors who would be training at the location in the evening.

"As I believe this it would be ignorant on part of officials to pretend like this is not a real and serious issue," adds Bledi.

Albany County Executive, Dan McCoy says her statements are offensive to the residents in the south end area. The place he grew up calling home.

"When I lived in that neighborhoood, we didn't have a key to our front door. We never had a lock on our door. Though we have issues, that's what we're here for to give people better opportunities," says McCoy.

Others say the move makes sense- for accessibility- being right near the bus lines.

The 10th ward leader for the Democratic Committe, Leah Golby, says about a quarter of the city's population doesn't own a car. "That's a huge segment of our population who doesn't drive. We want people to have access to voting- which means access to the board of elections," says Golby.

The DMV will soon move out of its' current location, but the county owns the building. If the board of elections were to fill the vacancy, it could save around a half million dollars.

"It's simple math. Do I want to continue to spend $25,000 a month or do I want to save $350,000? Our rent there is well over $350,000," adds McCoy.

Bledi says she'd be happy to meet in the middle, if they could find a place that saves money and keeps them safe. Currently, there are no official plans to move the Pearl Street location and officials say they are considering other options.