A Scary moment for parents as their kids were dropped off at the wrong bus stop.


Amsterdam police tell us a 4 and 9 year old were put on the wrong bus and dropped off about 2 miles from their usual stop. Police were safely able to reunite the students with their family.

Parents across the district say bus problems are an ongoing issue. Michael Richardson says his daughter's first day of school was a nightmare. My daughter Cadence is in first grade and so she started a day earlier [than my other daughter] and she never made it home"

Michael Richardson was excited to hear about his daughter's first day of first grade at Marie Curie Elementary, but instead it turned into panic. "We called down the school and they said they can't get a hold of the bus transportation company. They don't know what's going on," recalls the father.

It's a problem Richardson says is seen throughout the Amsterdam school district. Kids are being dropped off at wrong stops- and that's if the buses come at all.

The district's buses are run by Brown Transportation. The school says it has a safety system set up. If the parents aren't at the bus stop- they will bring the children back to the school. However, Richardson says Cadence's bus never came to take her home.

The Amsterdam school district says the administration is working on the issues. In a statement saying, "We want our families to know we understand the impact caused by these problems and are taking this very seriously. Brown Transportation has assured us that they are diligently working to address all issues."

As for Richardson he says it's not worth risking his child's safety. "We're picking her up today, and we're probably going to continue picking her up," adds the father of two.

The school is encouraging any parents with questions or concerns to call the district office.