Tajiri, born to April the Giraffe, who captivated millions last year as people followed her live birth world-wide, will be heading to warmer climates come October.

A record 14 million people tuned into the park's webcam as Tajiri was born.

The move is a partnership between Animal Adventure Park and the Wildlife Conservation Center of Virginia who will be overseeing Tajiri’s departure to North Carolina.

His new home will be the Carolina Wildlife Conservation Park outside of Raleigh – a very different climate than New York’s Southern Tier.

The park made the announcement on their Facebook page saying that the move “will allow Tajiri to play a vital role in the conservation and propagation initiatives that align with the facilities mission statements.”

They also mentioned that as Tajiri matures he will be joined by female companions to further continue the genetic pool of healthy giraffes.

He, his mother April, and father Oliver, drew more than 200,000 people to Animal Adventure Park last year.

April is pregnant again and is expected to give birth sometime in the spring. This will be April's fifth calf, and her second born at the park.

Animal Adventure says he will have a new exhibit, and possibly his own "Tajiri Cam" once the move is complete.

So far, the comments on the park's Facebook post are bittersweet.