SCHENECTADY, N.Y. -- Firefighters are used to working in hot conditions, but when you add temperatures as high as those we've seen this week ...

"It just magnifies the problems," said Schenectady Deputy Fire Chief Don Marino.

The humidity trapped smoke inside an Albany Street building Tuesday night. As a result, three Schenectady firefighters were treated and released for weather related injuries.

Schenectady isn't the only department feeling the heat.

"There's work that has to be done," said Fuller Road Fire Chief Chris Ruff.

And that work has to be done while wearing about 50 pounds of equipment.

"The gear that we're wearing just insulates us from the fire, but it also keeps our body heat trapped inside," Ruff said.

So how do they beat the heat?

"Water, water, water," Ruff said.