Troy Police say a 10-year-old girl living with autism went missing Friday afternoon. As officers and family searched for Alexondra Somers, two officers with a K9 jumped into action.

“When you hear a call like that you respond as a K9 unit to see if your dog can be an asset,” Troy K9 Officer Kyle Jones said.

Somers says she left her home after arguing with her sister.

“I was like in the bushes, lying down on the ground,” Somers said.

K9 Officers Kyle Jones and Craig Faby joined the search with K-9 Blair -- following a tip that Alexondra was last seen in a back yard.

"I was scared at first, because I didn't know hear it or anything, and then I heard her calling my name,” Somers said.

That's when the officers and Alexondra's sister found her in a wooded area of the 7th Ave Park.

“He did awesome, he tracked right to her,” Faby said.

“The child was laying, covered herself with leaves and was lying in a wooded area on the side of a park,” Jones said.

The officers say family searched the area before, and if it weren't for K9 Blair, “We might not have event searched that park thinking it had already been done,” Faby said.

Officers Jones and Faby brought Alexondra back to her mother, bringing a happy ending to something that could have turned out much worse.

“You know, we train for this specific call and it's not often that it happens to have such a happy outcome," Jones said.

Alexondra says she learned from the experience.

“The lesson was to never, ever run away,” Somer said.

Alexondra’s mother tells Spectrum News she has apps installed on her daughter’s phone to help locate her if a situation like this happens.

Her phone had died though.

The officers suggested project lifesaver to the family, just in case something similar happens in the future.