TROY, N.Y. -- A teacher at Troy Middle School is facing charges that he struck two young students, before class and before the eyes of some of their classmates.

David Laiacona is charged with two counts of endangering the welfare of a child, and two counts of third-degree assault. All four counts misdemeanors and one each for both students he allegedly assaulted.

The charges stem back to an incident on March 15.

According to witness testimony from two students, Laiacona smacked one student's head into a wall, and pushed the other, also into a wall.

The students testify they were messing around with the classroom door before Laiacona came over and assaulted them in front of the class.

School Superintendent John Carmello responded Tuesday afternoon. In a statement to Spectrum News, he said: "While the school district cannot comment on this specific case as it is a personnel issue, our procedures are clear. Whenever we become aware of concerns about one of our employees which might negatively impact the safety and security of our students, we promptly investigate the concerns and take appropriate action. The safety and security of our students is our top priority and we will continue to cooperate fully with troy police on this matter. We are committed to protecting our students and to fostering a safe and positive environment that is conducive to learning."

One student testifies he suffered a shoulder sprain, the other a severe concussion, according to his doctor. The attorney representing both students says both are still recovering from their injuries. Tobin and Dunshee LLP, representing the victims, has also filed a notice of claim against the school district.