ALBANY, N.Y. — Heavy rain helped break scorching temperatures Thursday afternoon, but it also caused some flash flooding and damage in Albany.

According to the National Weather Service, nearly two and a half inches of rain fell in less than an hour. By 5 p.m. in Albany's Buckingham Lake area, they recorded nearly five inches in total.

 Some homeowners found their basements flooded following the heavy rain. 

"You can see on my lawn where it was up to," said Ellen Woloshin, who lives on Marion Avenue. "The streets were flooded so it goes very quickly, but my backyard won't go down that quickly."

"This is a rain event that doesn't happen that often and when it happens, the pipes simply can't handle that kind of water in that short period of time," said Joe Coffey, Albany's water commissioner.

Over at Oliver's Beverage, employees were busy cleaning up after several inches of water flooded the store. It's one of the businesses that was impacted by the rain on Colvin Avenue.

Owner Mark Crisafulli says despite the flood, the store remained open. He says the store suffered some water damage but expects his operation to continue as usual.