Spectrum News is learning more about the use of the Albany County Jail to detain immigrants charged with low-level offenses.

Wednesday night, 99 low-level offender immigrants arrived to Albany County Jail, adding to the several dozen immigrant detainees already being housed inside the jail.

Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple says there is a large number of empty cells being used as housing units for those immigrants.

Apple says the practice isn't new and that the program works to help the detainees have access to immigration lawyers and phones to help them change their lives.

The sheriff says as far as he knows, the people being housed at the jail are not connected with the families being separated at the border.

"What's going on in this country, it's obviously appalling, it's sad to watch, I think we could have very easily stuck our heads in the sand and let these people flown right over Albany County, but let’s try to change their lives and help them a little bit," Apple said.

Apple also says he believes the program will bring in millions of dollars in revenue for the county and will help the immigrants change their lives for the better.