There has been a new development regarding the Coeymans police officers who ran over a rabid raccoon.

The Albany County District Attorney’s Office Animal Cruelty Taskforce says there will be no criminal charges filed against those officers.

The incident happened on March 12 at a public shopping plaza, where Coeymans officers ran over a raccoon until it died. Many people were angered with how officers killed the animal saying there was a more humane way.

"It is offensive to anyone who saw that," said Albany County DA David Soares. "I think it's impacted even the officers that were involved in that."

Police say normal protocol would be to shoot the animal because there is no animal control officer in the town, but because it happened in a crowded parking lot, the Coeymans police chief says that was not a safe option.

According to the DA, the raccoon approached multiple people and tried to enter a CVS. Investigators say officers contacted the DEC, but they weren't immediately available.

"I think the elements and the facts and the eyewitness accounts support the actions that were taken," Soares said, "although, again, I think everyone can agree that those were not the best options."

With many departments lacking resources, the Animal Cruelty Taskforce recommends more training for all county departments.

"We can't change the outcome for this raccoon, but we certainly can work hard and collaborate to make sure it doesn't happen again to another animal," said Todd Cramer of the Mohawk-Hudson Humane Society.

Officials say the department will be going through training to avoid situations like this in the future.