For International Women's Day, a panel of women in the technology and management fields spoke at Excelsior College to share tips on rethinking gender roles.  

The five women from a variety of careers such as human resources and information technology talked about ways that women can work past gender stereotypes that are seen as limiting their career goals. Talking points included improving confidence and helping each other out.

They say both men and women can do this by building an environment that encourages success. They say that women in management positions need to acknowledge that they worked hard to get where they are.

"One of the panelists mentioned that feeling of 'I'm a phony' or that impostor syndrome, 'I don't really belong here,' " said panelist Jennifer Goodall. "That never goes away, and so I think that it's really important that throughout our careers, our education, that we are mindful of that and just keep that sense of community and support going."

The panelists say parents should encourage girls from a young age to pursue their dreams and break the mold of gender roles.