Andrew Lloyd Webber's rock n’ roll opera Jesus Christ Superstar is being performed by The Schenectady Light Orchestra. 

The musical is loosely based on the Gospels in the Bible and chronicles Jesus’ last week of life. 

“You get caught up in the story it’s so well-known and it’s beautiful and the actors are spectacular and then you can breathe,” said show director Trish Scott-Dembling. “Then move into the next act, it never stalls it’s always just a constant movement which is really nice.”

All of the dialogue is sung in the musical, posing a challenge to the young cast, who weren’t even born when the award winning production first went to Broadway.

“There is a lot more intensity I feel like," said actor Kent Benwell, who plays the lead character. "There are not a lot of breaks in between moments; it just goes one after another.” 

The production brings a new twist the 70s classic addressing some modern day issues. For newcomers to the musical, cast and crew say to keep an open mind. 

“Just prepared for anything I guess," said Benwell. "It might not be anything like they expect but in a good way.”

Jesus Christ Superstar is playing at the SLOC on January 19-21 and the 25-28. You can purchase tickets and view show times at