Residents living in Malta Gardens, an apartment and mobile home park in Saratoga County, continue to face water supply issues one week after the problem started.

Concerned families voiced their frustrations in front of town council members and the company responsible for the complex Monday night at Malta Town Hall.

“I pay $28 a month for water and I can't use it. My wife is sick. I can't get her out; she's had the flu," said a resident.

When Sue, a resident at Malta Gardens, showed a jar of water to a packed room of frustrated tenants, one person shouted that he wouldn’t even give it to his dog.

Some of the residents at Monday's town hall have been without water since New Year's Eve.

“I can't flush my toilet. I can't wash my face. It's just ridiculous," said a resident.

“How would you like to be in our shoes, all of us here? No water, no flushing toilets, use the same stuff over and over again," asked a resident.

Solomon Apartment Management is the company that oversees Malta Gardens, and Monday night, it sent a spokesperson to tell its side of the story.

“Our plan was to be done three days ago. The resources we marshaled, there is no budget for this. We’re spending what it takes," said communications director Ron Simoncini.

Simoncini says the short-term plan is to continue sending plumbers and other crews to Malta Gardens to remedy the situation. The company says it initially thought the problem was a water main break, but now, it's continuing to search for an answer elsewhere.

What happens next remains to be seen. Solomon says this just may be an infrastructure problem and not a maintenance issue like previously thought, and that means a lot more work may be ahead.