“This is justice for Noel, can I get an amen everybody, amen," said Debra Napoli, after learning her daughter's killer was found guilty for her murder.

After back-to-back holidays with little to celebrate, Debra Napoli is finally looking forward to the season of giving.

“Thanksgiving 2015, I was retracing my [late] daughter Noel's footsteps. Thanksgiving last year, I was in a wheelchair in Malone, Franklin County, alone in a hospital bed," Napoli said, recalling her daughter Noel Alkaramla.

"As Thanksgiving approaches now, may he not have a happy Thanksgiving. It’s our Thanksgiving; this is justice for Noel."

Friday morning, it was Napoli who was given the news she’d been waiting nearly two years to hear. A jury found Johnny Oquendo, Napoli’s ex-husband, guilty of murdering his step-daughter, Alkaramla, on November 22, 2015.

“What do I wanna say to Johnny?  I’m a lady and I'm very religious, and they say you have to forgive. I can't right now," said Napoli.

Surrounded by close friends, Napoli did not hold back her feelings toward the man she calls a monster.

“Johnny, God's got a place for you and not in his kingdom. There's a place you will be going below, reserved in Hell," said Napoli.

For now, Napoli has no plans to forgive Oquendo. She’ll see him again when he's sentenced on December 21. 

“You got what you deserved," she said. "You betrayed me. You murdered my child. I was a very loyal wife in the past to you; what a big freaking mistake."