ALBANY, N.Y. -- Well-known rapper Cardi B is accusing staff at an Albany hotel of being racist.

The singer posted on Instagram claiming to have been kicked out of the Hilton Albany early Sunday morning.

According Albany Police Spokesman Steve Smith, the hotel manager called police around 1 a.m. with reports there was a party in a second floor room and there was an odor of marijuana.

Police say they could smell marijuana but had no evidence it was coming from one of those rooms. 

On social media, Cardi B says she and her team were not smoking marijuana.

Albany Police say the hotel manager asked the rapper and her staff to leave.

Police say that decision is beyond their control.

"When the officers got to the floor, her team and her manager were already preparing to leave the hotel. Our job was pretty much to facilitate that and to have them escorted out. The decision to leave the hotel was not made by Albany PD, it was made by staff at the Hilton," said Smith.

Hilton Albany did not immediately return a request for comment.