Joni Bonilla is in the process of helping 20 veterans with PTSD train their own dogs or rescues to become service dogs through her organization, Operation At Ease. But before May, she didn't have a permanent place to train them. Last fall, 17-year-old Rosemarie Davidson asked Bonilla if she could raise $20,000 for the organization as part of a project at the Emma Willard School. 

"I don't think that we ever thought it was going to happen, and then one day she called me up and told me she was at $11,000, and then she was at $14,000, and then she was at $16,000, and then we're like 'Crap, she's going to do it,' " said Bonilla. 

The check came May 1. Soon, Joni will be able to offer classes 7 days a week and open up her space for paying customers that can help sustain the program for PTSD veterans. Click here to learn more about OAE and donate to the program.