SARATOGA, N.Y. -- When some people think of the opera they think of a stuffy affair, but Opera Saratoga knows it's an art form for the people-even kids.

"I love how invested these kids get. And again it's the idea that we're slowly turning that perception of opera as something just for the elite," said opera singer Max Zander

Professional artists from the 55-year-old opera company are giving free performances to more than 50 public and private schools across the region through March 25th. 

"We really believe that opera is for everyone and that everyone should get to experience it in a way that's non-threatening," said Mariah Wakefield with Opera Saratoga

Singers performed the kid friendly "The Bremen Town Musicians" at Woodland Hills School in East Greenbush. It's an opera about acceptance.

"I liked how interactive they were with the audience," said student Roan Butterfield

Fifth grader Sophia Morse thought it was funny.

"I liked how they were like talking to the audience and I liked how they said the pirates went to Woodland Hills," she said. "I thought that was super funny."

The goal is to give students up close and personal exposure to live performing arts.

"That moment of a kids eyes lighting up when they see this it's wonderful to see that moment," said singer Hannah Goosman

The Saratoga Springs based company is also holding free public performances so families across the region can also have access to opera. 

For more information on the season and free shows, visit this website.