A young local actor has gotten a big break. 

Lawton Denis, 9, made a guest appearance on the popular FOX television show Gotham.

"I got the audition and then I was so happy when I got it," said Denis.

The show chronicles superhero Batman's beginnings. Lawton appeared on the Halloween episode as lead character Inspector James Gordon's son. He says the cast and crew were kind and welcoming.

"They were very nice actually, very nice,  the actors, Gordon, everyone. The director was very nice too, so very nice people," he said.

This isn't Lawton's first big role. He started acting at age 6 after being discovered by independent movie director Jon Russell Cring.

"I think the same thing that would attract you to someone like Lawton as a person is what attracts you on camera. I mean, he's still a kid, but he has just an energy and a light and a joy," said Cring.

Other indie movie appearances followed, along with a guest role on the TV show Sleepy Hollow.

Even though Lawton is just getting started in his acting career, he's already won his first award. He won best supporting actor for a movie role at the Atlantic City Film Festival.

"I was so happy because this is actually my first award," he said, "and when I heard my name being called, I was like 'yes,' and that was an amazing moment for me."

Lawton is still just a precocious 9-year-old kid who enjoys playing soccer with the Albany Alleycats, but he hopes to continue his acting career.

"I just love meeting other actors, seeing the movie all come together, like, from the beginning to the end," he said.

Sorry, though, Gotham fans: Lawton's favorite superhero is Captain America.