Some students at North Albany Academy were joined by some oversized classmates Tuesday morning -- their dads.  It was all part of 'Dads Take Your Child to School Day,' a nationwide initiative aimed at increasing the involvement of dads in their kids' lives. Barry Wygel has more.

ALBANY, N.Y. -- As the school bell rang Tuesday, there were some extra students walking into North Albany Academy.

"It looks Iike there ain't going to be enough room for everybody," said Kim Williams.

It was a chance for the dad's of the school to spend some quality time with their kids.

"The daddy's are coming to breakfast," said one student.

"They know when it comes up at work because I always take it off. I got to be there," said Williams.

Kim Williams has been coming to the Dad's Breakfast since the very beginning almost a decade ago. His oldest daughter is now 23, and he has continued the tradition with her daughter.

"Just to let kids know that their father is there for them -- it's needed," said Williams.

"If you look at any of the research, it says that children that have dads involved in school perform better academically, are better in terms of behavior and discipline issues, are just better socially adjusted," said Lesley Buff, the principal of North Albany Academy.

If an events success is measured by its attendance, then this one was definitely a success. The only problem is where to hold the event next year.

"More and more each year. It's getting bigger and bigger. More dads are participating in it," said Willams.

"It is an awesome problem to have," said Buff.

And the quality time the children spent with their fathers went far beyond just sharing a simple breakfast. It was clear this is a place those special childhood memories are born.