NEW SCOTLAND, N.Y. -- Two people are hurt in a bobcat attack in Albany County.

Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple said the bobcat attacked two people on Wednesday who were visiting a family who lives at a home in New Scotland.

Apple said a woman was in the backyard playing with the homeowner’s dog, when she heard a hissing and a growl.

The bobcat attacked her, biting her several times. The dog then fought back, but the bobcat ran into the garage where the woman's husband was.

Apple said the bobcat then bit the husband a few times before the homeowner pinned it down, shot and killed it.

“The DEC took the bobcat, I think the family will be fine, but they has some testing to do, healing to do,” said Apple.

The sheriff said it's rare for a bobcat to appear in the area although Debra Simmons, who lives down the road, said she saw one in her garden not long ago. 

"I was sitting here and I turned to admire my hard work of the day and there was a bobcat sitting there sunning itself," Simmons said.

Simmons says the bobcat got close, but not too close before she took a picture. 

"It did run, so that's usually a sign that it's not sick or anything like that," said Simmons.  

The two victims suffered lacerations and were transported to the hospital. Apple also said the animal wasn't provoked.

"The animal could be sick, maybe not," said DEC Captain Thomas Caifa. "Rabies isn't the only thing it could possibly have if it is sick, so that's all going to come later when it's tested."

According to the sheriff, the two victims are expected to remain at the hospital through Wednesday night.