"The reality of winning the Powerball is you've got a better chance of being struck by lightening and bitten by a shark on the same day," said real estate salesperson Brian Sinkoff.

Hey, a girl can dream. But how do you even begin to spend more than a billion dollars?  

"This would be an awesome problem to have," Sinkoff joked.

Obviously, start with diamonds.

"This retails for just over $90,000 and just shy of 50 karats total weight," explained Brittany Hedderman, store manager at Northeastern Fine Jewelry.

But why stop there? Hedderman said "You could buy one of each in the store if you won the lotto."

Now that may be getting excessive. Besides, there's other means of being flashy.

"It has a Ferrari engine. These cars go up to 475 horsepower," said Michael Sacco, store manager at Maserati of Albany. 

You won't find these on an assembly line. Handcrafted overseas with fine leather upholstery and a specialty matte paint job, it will only set you back about $120,000. 

"Just to sit behind the wheel of one of these cars would definitely make you feel like a completely different person," Sacco said.

It's the kind of car you'd want proudly displayed in the driveway of your multi-million-dollar home, and there are quite a few locally.

"There's over 200 properties over a million dollars right now listed in the Capital Region for sale," Sinkoff said.

They come complete with all the luxury money can buy.

"Riding stables, indoor paddocks, indoor swimming pools, movie theater, multiple hot tubs," Sinkoff listed.

But there are always those who will argue the one thing money can't buy is happiness.

"My theory with that is money may not buy you happiness," Sinkoff said, "but it certainly will allow you the availability to afford therapy if you are a little unhappy!"