Betsy Seplowitz has drawn her mandala design at least a couple hundred times.

“People can’t believe they are hand drawn and not computer generated. People find the designs calming,” Seplowitz said.

Her designs are calming, but they also help feed children.

What You Need To Know

  • Nourish Designs has provided more than 42,000 meals to children in need

  • Each item sold has a eclectic number of meals it provides

  • The company is just two years old

“It’s kind of cool; you have a shirt and you know immediately how many meals it provides,” Seplowitz said.

Betsy has created a brand that is centered on feeding children in need. Every item you see on the Nourish Designs website provides a certain number of meals to local food banks.

“Nourish [has existed] just under two years, and in those two years, we’ve funded just over 45,000 meals,” Seplowitz said. “I remember hitting a thousand meals in the first month and I thought I won the lottery, being able to provide funding for a thousand meals. Forty-five thousand is a lot of meals that makes an impact.”

Her sales don’t stop online, though. As businesses begin to reopen, Betsy is taking her merchandise to the public. She recently held her first pop-up since the pandemic began at a local coffee shop.

With her daughter by her side, Seplowitz is instilling a lesson she learned growing up.

“It’s always been ‘make sure everybody has what they need.’ And I have what I need. So that’s why the mission drives the business, rather than the profit,” Seplowitz said.

The mission for her is to make sure no child has to worry if they will get their next meal.

While Seplowitz has used her brand to help toward the growing issue of food insecurity, she says everyone can help out in their own way.

“I encourage people to get in touch with organizations on their communities or their local food banks, because there is a lot of people doing tremendous things, and there is still a lot of room to do more,” Seplowitz said.

Her first customer at the pop-up came in to buy a coffee. But when she heard the meaning behind the brand, she left with four shirts in hand, and another 56 meals donated to a local food bank.