Students in the 4th Family after school program have spent the past few weeks learning about financial literacy.

The students, mostly elementary school-aged, are reading the book “Danny Dollar Millionaire Extraordinaire” thanks to a partnership with the United Way.

“He’s teaching us … how to get more money and how to become richer when you grow up,” says Jaiden Grajales, a fourth grade student.

“Danny Dollar” tells the story of a young man navigating the world of business ownership and financial responsibility. Students explore topics like finance, banking and how to make money.

Bronx native Ty Allan Jackson, the author of “Danny Dollar,” says he was inspired to write it after realizing a children’s financial literacy book didn’t really exist.

"Every adult that reads this book says ‘I wish I had this book when I was a kid,’ ” says Jackson.

Jackson routinely travels to classes participating in what is called the Danny Dollar Academy. In Albany, students asked him questions about net income and bartering.

“Our kids are hungry to learn about things, especially things that they’re not really familiar with, and the concept of money is sadly [one] many kids aren’t familiar with,” says Jackson.

Jackson believes it’s critical to learn about money from a young age, especially from a character that’s relatable. The hope is to expand the program to more local communities in the future.