Police in Bethlehem said the motorist who hit an 80-year-old man on a bicycle, then drove off, may not even know what they hit.

Nelson Harrington of Delmar was riding on Elsmere Avenue near Fernbank Avenue when around 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, he was hit while crossing the road to get back to his home. Harrington was taken to the hospital in Albany, where he was treated for internal injuries.

Police said the vehicle that hit him was a dark-colored SUV, which fled the scene without stopping and continued northbound on Elsmere Avenue. This is a residential area that's heavily traveled.

"It is a very, very dark area, so it is possible the individual [hit] was not dressed in the most appropriate clothing for that time of day in that area, so it's possible that [the driver] is not certain what they struck. We ask them or any other witnesses to come forward talk to us so we can continue this investigation," said Commander Adam Hornick, Bethlehem Police Department.

Police say they have spoken to one witness who saw the crash. Anonymous tips can also be submitted to Capital Region Crime Stoppers here.