An unexpected and disturbing sight uncovered Wednesday morning: An Albany County Democratic Committee employee unlocked the doors to discover a series of bullet holes.

"I believe we were targeted," Committee Chairman Jack Flynn said. "[The employee] came in early in the morning, noticed there was some debris from the wall. As soon as he did that, he went into my office and noticed there was ... gun shots."

Flynn's desk is directly under the damaged window. No one was inside when the shots were fired, but people are known to work late into the night.

"I'm very grateful we did not have a meeting this weekend or last night," Flynn said.

Albany police say nine shots were fired Tuesday night. One other has been in the window since at least a week ago. They say it's too early to determine if the Democratic Committee was targetted.

"We have a lot of work to do right now in terms of canvassing the area and looking at any potential video surveillance," said Steve Smith with the APD.

Flynn says he believes they were indeed targeted, because the shots were aimed directly at the committee's sign. A number of other businesses are also located inside the building.