The Rensselaer County DA's case on a brutal October 2016 double homicide in Troy has been dealt a setback.

A judge decided that the evidence presented to the grand jury that indicted Luis Guevara and Cresencio Salazar was insufficient to move forward to trial. Court documents say that the testimony of an accomplice was not enough to justify an indictment.

The pair is accused of killing Cristian Gonzalez-Hernandez and Javier Gomez. Guevara and Salazar were charged with murder, kidnapping and burglary. 

A judge also pointed to problems with legal instruction to the grand jury.

The decision allows the DA to resubmit the charges to a separate grand jury, and Guevara and Cresencio will continue to be held until that determination.

As for a third defendant, Salomon Najera-Hernandez, the judge did not grant his motions to dismiss. The court will hold a hearing on whether statements he made to police, and physical evidence prosecutors say ties him to the crime, would be admissable at trial.