ALBANY, N.Y. -- An Albany man shot a woman three times in the head while she was driving, and a few minutes later, he was hit by a vehicle and killed a short distance away while trying to cross Interstate 90.

Nahjayyah Daise, 21, and Larnell Kennedy, 22, were in an on-again-off-again dating relationship for four or five years, according to the Albany Police Department, which provided an update into Sunday's chaotic scene near Erie Boulevard and Erie Street.

Around 3 p.m., Daise was found outside of a white vehicle, her body under the wheels. Police said she was pronounced dead later at a hospital.

Troopers then responded to Exit 6A of I-90, near where Kennedy was found hit by a car.

Police said Daise and Kennedy were in the same car driving down Erie Street, where police believe Kennedy shot Daise as the vehicle was moving. Witnesses later said Kennedy was seen chasing after the vehicle as it rolled down the street, before it hit a utility pole.

Police said Kennedy tried to get Daise out of the driver's seat and into the trunk -- and at that point, witnesses approached, attempting to help. Police said Kennedy dropped Daise, backing over her body while trying to leave. Once he was stopped by witnesses, he ran down the street, jumped over fences in his way, crested a hill and tried to cross the highway. He made it over one side, through the median, and it was on the eastbound side where he was hit. Kennedy was also later pronounced dead.

Police said the weapon Kennedy used to shoot Daise was located, but its serial number had been obliterated.

When asked if Kennedy was trying to flee or commit suicide, police said that's difficult to determine because of the layout of the highway, and that he may have not seen the vehicle that hit him.

Police said no motive was apparent, nor was what happened in the vehicle moments before the shooting.