Schenectady police say a body was found Friday morning on Moyston Street.

Authorities say the body, found in a vacant building around 8 a.m., is badly decomposed. No gender or age has been determined, nor have a cause or time of death.

Investigators don't know much about the individual or the circumstances surrounding the death, but they are treating it as a crime scene as a precautionary measure.

A neighbor Spectrum News spoke to off-camera said the home has been vacant for at least a decade and is a popular spot for members of the city’s homeless community to spend a night to either sleep or, in some cases, do drugs. While he says he was unaware of any such activity at this building, the department spokesperson says they do encounter these types of problems at abandoned structures throughout the city.

An autopsy is scheduled today to try and determine the person’s identity and how they died. Police say they are also interviewing neighbors and other people in the community to try and find out if they have any information that could help them figure out exactly who the person was.