An Albany man with a lengthy rap sheet was found guilty of second degree murder on Thursday.

Richard Quinn, 64, was on trial in the June 2017 death of Marc Douglas. Police say Quinn stabbed Douglas during a dispute on Grand Street.

Quinn's arrest was initially compounded by the fact that he had been arrested four times over a nine-month period for crimes ranging from assault to larceny to menacing, but was out on probation at the time of Douglas' death.

“Richard Quinn was a dangerous criminal who never should have been on our streets. But at the time of the murder, he was released without bail over our objection," said Albany County District Attorney David Soares. "This case proves why any bail reform proposal must allow judges to consider the safety of the community, unlike current law. The governor’s current proposal fails to fix the flaw that caused this tragedy."

Quinn will be sentenced March 8, and faces 25 years to life in prison.