Health care workers, on the front lines of this pandemic, now have a place to rest.

Albany's Hilton Garden Inn has been transformed to “Heroes Landing.” The hotel is no longer taking usual reservations. Instead, medical workers at Albany Medical Center and St. Peter's Hospital can use the space as a place to rest.

"We needed to strip out all the rooms of our linens and our Hilton products and then convert it into space that can be used for short stints of rest," says Carrie Hillenbrandt, senior vice president of BBL, which owns the hotel.

Health care workers can go to the hotel after their shifts. They're each given a package with toiletries, snacks, and a meal.

SEFCU partnered with BBL, St. Peter's Hospital Foundation, CDPHP, and MVP Health Care to make Heroes Landing possible.

"Immediately it was, 'look, we need to help them refresh, help them by housing them, by feeding them,' just showing them that they have a place to go," says Michael Castellana, SEFCU president and CEO.

"It's easy to see that they are everything to those patients right now," says Shannon Galuski, executive director of the St. Peter's Hospital Foundation, "My biggest hope is that every health care worker realizes how much the community supports them and how grateful we are."

The hotel says it's ready to serve hospital staff for the next two months, but will reassess if needed.