This Capital Region Close Up came to us from a girl who wants nothing more than to sing and be a positive role model for young kids. She's bright, outgoing and has a big, pink heart. Karen Tararache introduces us to Kristina Lachaga.

She's a 21-year-old aspiring pop star from New Jersey and Kristina Lachaga wants you to know her name.

"I personally have always been a go-getter and you can't wait for someone to come to you and to make things happen you have to go out there so I reached out to you," said Kristina Lachaga, a rising pop star. "So I'm Kristina Lachaga, the girl with the big pink heart."

Kristina emailed Time Warner Cable News reporter Karen Tararache twice -- inviting her to hear her sing. Little did we know that her big pink heart came with a pretty powerful posse.

"My fans are called Heartbreakers and they created their own #HeartbreakerForLife and #HeartBreakerForever and it's the cutest thing," said Lachaga.

She says the name stuck when Justin Beiber singled her out at a concert five years ago.

"He said who wants to be my baby and he picked me and I said me and he said you, the girl with the big heart and I'm like oh my gosh so I didn't get to go on stage or anything but I was holding that pink heart the entire concert I was so dedicated," Lachaga said.

Her perseverance continues, growing stronger by the day.  She's due to release her first single R.S.V.P. this year.

"With all of the negative messages out there there should be a teen Voice who is looking to make a difference," said Lachaga.

Also doing its part to help make a difference, for a 15th year, B95.5 is holding its annual radio-thon to benefit the Ronald McDonald House of Albany.

"It's just a way for the community to not only being involved but to see hands-on exactly what the staff does for all these families so we invite you to be there at Crossgates mall on January 23," said Chad O'Hara, the B95.5 program director afternoon host.

So it's only fitting that the girl with the big pink heart will sing next week to raise money for the house that love built.

"I actually performed at the Ronald McDonald house Tri-Cities Valley Cats game. I did the national anthem there and the game benefited the house so I'm a proud supporter and I'm so excited to be part of it," said Lachaga.

To learn more about the event, click here.