It’s back to school time and that means a lot of studying and taking tests and for a number of students, taking those tests mean getting stressed.

It can simply be the sound of a clock that can cause anxiety while taking tests.

Kayla Disbrow is just about to enter fourth grade, but taking the tests to get there hasn't always been easy.  

"I like space out and like, 'oh no what am I going to do,” Kayla said.

Her test anxiety impacted not only her grades but her self esteem.

"I was a little disappointed in myself because like I felt like I studied hard like I didn't study hard enough,” said Kayla.

Students who suffer anxiety often experience stress related symptoms.

“Headaches, digestive problems, lethargic and not wanting to go to school," said Susan Riley Saratoga Learning Center director.

Kayla has learned a few tips how how to relax before she starts an exam.

"I just breathe in and then I breathe out slowly so I can take a few minutes so that I wouldn't get like, what do I do? What do I do?” she said.

And Kayla's also learned about the importance of a good night sleep.

"I  try to go to bed at 9 [p.m.] so I get a good rest before I go to school in the morning, and take the test,” said Kayla.

With the help of the Saratoga Learning Center Kayla has mastered her test anxiety and is her grades are right where she wants them.

If your child continues to have anxiety taking tests, look into local community for a learning center near you.