The union vote at the Amazon facility in Schodack failed by a final vote of 406 against and 206 in favor of unionization.

The movement had been building up over the past few months as union advocates rallied, calling on the massive company to treat its workers better after making allegations of mistreatment.

Labor union president Chris Smalls tells Spectrum News 1 there are mixed emotions. Misconduct is also alleged on Amazon's part, saying people were intimidated and retaliated against for voting.

Amazon did not respond to the allegations.

Smalls also says people who volunteered to be election observers were threatened with being fired.

Amazon responded to the result by saying they are glad people in Schodack had their voices heard. The company also said it believes not having a union is the best arrangement for its employees.

Amazon and union advocates have five business days to file an objection, otherwise the results will be formally certified.