A business based in Troy is developing technology that could save the aviation industry millions of dollars. The veteran-owned, woman-led business is getting a lot of attention, from local investors all the way to the U.S. Army.

Daryian Rhysing, an Army aircraft electrician turned entrepreneur, lives with permanent carpal tunnel syndrome from years of installing metal clamps used in aircraft wiring.

“I worked on Black Hawk helicopters. I also worked on Boeing Chinooks,” said Rhysing, founder and chief technology officer of United Aircraft Technologies.

Rhysing’s idea for a better wiring clamp began to take shape while attending RPI. After graduating, he met his now wife and business partner, Evaguel. She’s from Puerto Rico. He was born in Venezuela.

“We want to be the proof and showcase that people with our background can be successful in business,” said Evaguel Rhysing, who serves as CEO for United Aircraft Technologies.

Together, they created United Aircraft Technologies, developing the “Smart Interconnecting-Clamp.”

A commercial plane needs up to 20,000 clamps. Their lightweight design could help save millions in fuel and improve safety.

They’ve attracted the interest of the U.S. Army and received multiple grants, most recently from Fuzehub worth nearly $50,000.

“To help with costs related to injection-mold tooling, ceramic molds and to help hire a mechanical engineer,” said Julianne Clouthier of Fuzehub.

With the help of interns, they continue to work on prototypes and hope to bring their clamp to market soon. With a concept as compelling as their backgrounds, the Rhysings know what it will take to get this business off the ground.

“That gives us the drive and the passion to make this company a successful one and get it where it needs to be,” said Evaguel Rhysing.