The debate over gun control has become so polarizing, it can be difficult for people with opposing views to find common ground.  

“However, one point both parties can agree on always is the safety aspect,” said Timothy Oh, founder and CEO of Vara.

The massacre at Santa Fe High School in Texas has reignited the debate over gun control. It’s also prompted calls for safe gun storage. Investigators say the shooter used guns belonging to his father.

Oh, a 22-year-old RPI student, is the founder of a new firearm security company. He’s aiming to improve safety in the homes of gun owners without sacrificing convenience. Right now, he says, more than 43 percent of gun owners leave at least one weapon unsecured.

“But that reason is not because of a lack of protection devices, but moreso the inability to get quick access to them,” said Oh.

For four years, Timothy has been developing “Reach.” It’s a gun safe that looks more like a holster.

“You simply just slide your gun in. It locks in. And when you reach out and grab it, your thumb goes on the biometric sensor unlocking it from the safe,” said Oh.

He showed our cameras a prototype. The final product is expected to be available this fall, online and eventually in stores, for $299. Vara is based in the BizLab in Schenectady.

Manufacturing is done inside a production facility in Clifton Park. Recently, Vara was awarded a $50,000 grant from FuzeHub. The grant will help ramp up manufacturing with assistance from the Center for Economic Growth.