The Vischer Ferry General Store is steeped in history. Owner Louise McManus says it is much more than a coffee shop.

For more than 200 years, the property has been the hub of the Erie Canal hamlet. The original general store was built in 1787. It’s seen numerous owners and renovations.

After a devastating fire in 2013, a group of neighbors, led by McManus, purchased the property and restored it.

“We wanted to have a modern general store, and so this is the concept we came up with,” said McManus.

“If you look around here, you see original floors to this building from the 1850s, and if you look up, you see original ceilings from the 1850s,” said George Donohue, a co-owner of the property and kitchen employee.

Inside the store is retail space with products from local vendors and artists, as well as a small kitchen. The menu includes breakfast sandwiches, pastries, French toast, coffee and espresso.

The quaint character of the historic village is preserved in the quiet corner business.

“It is very fulfilling to have this sort of old-fashioned spot where you can come and hang out and feel like you're at home,” said McManus.

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