Lou Faraone is known people in Wilton as “Lou the Wood Guy.” He’s been selling firewood for 23 years.

His 10-acre property off Route 50 in Wilton is decorated with items made to catch the eye of potential customers, and it's open 24 hours a day, year round.

When Lou’s not there, customers pay by the honor system. Lou says he’s never been burned.

“It’s a good system, and we’re dealing with good people,” said Faraone.  

Nearly 50 restaurants cook with wood purchased here. Hundreds of homeowners buy from Faraone.

“It’s not work here. I just love to do this stuff. I meet nice people every day, keep them warm,” Faraone said.

Wood is dropped off at the property by vendors weekly, much of it chopped on site. Inventory is stored off ground, covered - and dried for at least a year. Numerous varieties are available for purchase.

Lou has had multiple offers to sell portions of his property, but has no plans to sell.

“I am living a dream right now. I haven’t got time to create another dream like this,” said Faraone.

He’s content spending his golden years basking in the glow of a business he stoked from small to community staple. For Lou, the fire still burns.

“Why would you leave paradise?” Faraone asked.