GLENVILLE, N.Y. -- For those looking for a fun family outing this fall, Riverside Maple Farms is offering visitors a sweet experience.

The business is owned by Chris and Erica Welch and maple syrup is in their blood.  

“Maple syrup definitely runs in our family. It is part of our heritage,” said Chris.

Chris is a fourth generation sugar maker. He and Erica recently tapped into a family tradition, turning a longtime hobby into a business venture: Riverside Maple Farms opened in early October.

“It’s been many, many years and a lot of work that has led up to what you see today,” said Erica.

Off Route 5 in Glenville, sap from 1,000 trees flows into a new 5,300 square foot sugarhouse, giving visitors a chance to see how maple products are made.

They make maple syrup, spread, sugar and cotton candy. Those who schedule a private tour can have a try at making some of the items themselves. There’s also retail store on site.

“We’re really proud of what we make here,” said Emily Gierke, Retail Manager for Riverside Maple Farms and Erica’s sister.

Trees are tapped in February, but they plan to offer tours and tastings throughout the year.

“We’re really excited and I love welcoming people to the sugarhouse and our store, letting them come in and see a product that is made in Glenville,” said Gierke.

“It is rewarding to be able to enjoy products and see other people enjoying products that we have maple literally made start to finish,” said Erica.

Riverside Maple Farms is open 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Thursdays through Sundays.