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Below we're highlighting content that didn’t make it on-air and was left on the cutting room floor, showing you what’s on my mind, in my reporter’s notebook, what I do with Report for America and some things I do to keep my own mental health in tip-top shape.

It also highlights stories around the globe, country, and state that explore mental health. 

This week we celebrate Mental Health Advocates of WNY awarding the #IAm1in5 series with their Advocacy Award, a brief look at music therapy research and more. 

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— Camalot K. Todd 

In My Ears: Leon Bridges: NPR Tiny Desk Concert

There are just some artists that I always go back to and Leon Bridges is one — especially in his 2015 NPR Tiny Desk concert. 

It’s my go-to to listen when I’m feeling meh, and it instantly makes me feel happier. 

Lately, I’ve been reading a ton of meta-analysis on music therapy in people with dementia and people with serious mental illness

On My Mind:

Mental Health Advocates awarded the #IAm1in5 series with their Advocacy Award at their annual dinner on March 11.

The four-part series highlights how stigma is a barrier to mental health care and highlights the story of three Western New Yorkers. 

The series was built off a quote told to me by Kenneth Houseknecht, the executive director of Mental Health of Western New York.

“Facts and figures inform people, stories grab people by the heart,” Houseknecht said. “Tell stories of people who have successfully overcome challenges, tell stories of people who are still living with challenges and tell of people who, sadly, may not have [like] the Anthony Bourdains of the world.”

In My Reporter’s Notebook: 

Following the #IAm1in5 series, we continue to do monthly Facebook Live chats about resources in the community and highlighting people who struggle with mental health in Western New York. 

Our most recent guest was Kelly Wofford, a minister at Impacting Love Global Ministries and founder of Front Seat Life, at our first chat live in the field at the Buffalo and Erie County Library.

Our next #IAm1in5 Facebook Live will be later this month with non-profit Compeer Buffalo. 

On the Ground with Report for America:

The bulk of Americans, 71 percent according to the Pew Research Center, have not met a local journalist. I’d like to change that. 

The next round of office hours is on March 28 from 1-3 p.m. at Daily Planet Coffee, 1862 Hertel Avenue in Buffalo. See you there. 

In My Belly and Out and About in WNY:

Saturday, my friend and I went for a hike at Emery Park Ski Lounge where we were taught by Erie County Park Ranger Roy to identify different trees after we had grilled cheese sandwiches — it was very fulfilling. 

Sunday was mostly spent enjoying the sunshine, reading and baking a strawberry coffee cake.

If you have any suggestions of places that I should explore, want to share how you take care of your mental health or have any questions about mental health, email me at​