After spending two years with Spectrum News 1 in North Carolina, Brianne Roesser has joined the Spectrum News 1 Buffalo team as a multimedia journalist. 

Previously, Brianne ​covered  major weather events such as Hurricanes Matthew, Florence, and Dorian. Covering those types of stories, she said, allowed her to learn about the true resilience of the human spirit.

An Erie, Pennsylvania native, Brianne has always felt at home in Buffalo, which she remarks is like one big family. That strong communal sense serves as an inspiration in every one of her stories, which, as she puts it, allow her to connect to the community itself. “We celebrate together, hurt together, and grow together,” she says.

A lover of all things cycling and the marching arts, Brianne currently resides in downtown Buffalo with her husband Ben, a Buffalo native, and their two dogs, Raleigh and Piper, who she considers two of the funniest creatures on the planet. 

You can follow her on Twitter.