A popular bar in Buffalo known as The Old Pink was destroyed on Monday when a massive fire broke out at the location.

The Buffalo Fire Department says employees called in the fire just before 5:45 a.m. at the address on Allen Street.

According to city of Buffalo fire investigators, the two-alarm fire started outside the building and then spread inside. They estimate the damage at $1.25 million; however, an emergency demolition of the building has been ordered.

"A long standpoint here at The Pink is now gone," said Mitch Nowakowski, member of Buffalo Common Council. "I think folks really need to mourn the loss of this structure and a lot of the memories that are held in that structure as well cause it seemed as the world changed, The Pink stayed the same and at times people really hold onto that nostalgia and memories that they built here in the Allentown neighborhood and at The Pink."

Some streets in the area were closed off to traffic while crews remained on scene.

Fire officials say there were no injuries reported.