BUFFALO, N.Y. — ​How do you prevent police brutality while making sure officers still have the proper weapons to keep the city safe?

That's what the Buffalo Common Council is trying to figure out.

The council held a meeting Tuesday discussing whether to give police permission to purchase tasers and begin a BolaWrap pilot program.

BolaWrap is a non-lethal tool that wraps around a suspect and restrains them.

The idea comes after a Buffalo police officer shot a man during a mental health call.

Some advocates have protested against the use of BolaWrap, but council members say if police use it as a last resort, it could be helpful.

"The only other tool that is there is the gun. And so, you know we'll take heat regardless which way, but I would rather take heat on this side and keeping someone alive, and not shot, and not bleeding in our streets,” said Darius Pridgen, (D) Buffalo Common Council president.

For now, the council motioned to send the BolaWrap pilot program to the Police Oversight Committee.

It motioned to send permission to purchase tasers to the finance department.